What a few of our readers say:

By email:

I have recently finished The Lid is Lifted on and am wondering if you have succeeded in publishing Hidin’ from the Man?  I enjoyed your first book … Patty Erwin, Duluth, Georgia, USA

Good morning, I am enjoying your book very much. Finished it and loved it. I am following you on twitter! Will the other parts of the trilogy be out any time soon? Best wishes … Sally Lander, Kuwait

Great book! As an ex-pat living in Kuwait, I found this book a page turner, and enjoyed knowing and being at the places in the book. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3! … Steve Carracino, Kuwait

On Amazon:

Hi Paul, Just completed you book!  Very nice, but leaving me hanging, like the poor fellow who stole the shoes!  Any chance you have book 2 and 3 completed? I’ve lived in Kuwait since 2008, but currently working out of Azerbaijan, Best regards … Steve Carracino,  S-92 Field Service Rep, Azerbaijan

Fascinating recounting of personal experiences … Judy Mac, California, USA

Paul Kennedy lived through the horror of Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in the early 1990s. He saw the atrocities, hid from the soldiers, almost starved, and yet survived to then help others in hiding to escape even though he could have left the country since he was Irish (not American or British). He worked with the Irish government to get passports for people in hiding and was honored by George Bush and the state department for his bravery. This book is his story. How could it not be spellbinding? … Naomi Barrett, Duluth, Georgia, USA